Sivil society and women’s rights

Sivil society and women’s rights

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Civil society organization and women’s movement has played a key role in promoting and defending women’s SRHR across the world, including in Norway.

However, many NGOs and women grassroot organization suffer from lack of funding, political repression and fierce resistance from what is commonly called “the anti-gender movement”, consisting of organizations and institutions opposed to key SRH and LGBT+ rights.

We aim to facilitate dialogue and exchange between politicians and NGO representatives on the challenges facing NGOs and women’s organisations working on SRHR issues to build understanding of the need for strengthening of financial and political support.

Key questions to be discussed: 

– The role of civil society and women’s movement in defending and advancing SRHR. 

– How can we best mobilize and support women’s movements, alliances and network to advance the SRHR agenda. 

– The main and urgent challenges that needs to be addressed, including threats from anti-gender and anti-SRHR movements.

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Michael Paul Vitols, daglig leder, Friends of Uplift, Ana Cristina Gonzalez, konsulent, FOKUS, Anne Beathe Tvinnereim, Utviklingsminister, Senterpartiet, Sandra Bruflot, stortingsrepresentant, Høyre, Trine Lise Sundnes, stortingsrepresentant, Arbeiderpartiet, Sylvi Bratten, daglig leder, FOKUS