World Pride webinar! Sexual health and well-being for sexual and gender diverse persons – health barriers and how to overcome them

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09:30 - 10:45


Being sexual and/or gender non-conforming are no longer defined as mental illnesses internationally. However, sexual health varies depending on the stigma from homophobia, heteronormativity and transphobia and legal situations such as criminalization. The result is often that the health and rights of sexual and gender diverse people are unmet and unfulfilled.

As part of World Pride 2021 Human Rights Conference, Sex og Politikk is co-hosting a webinar with IPPF, UNFPA and Sex og Samfund. The aim of the session is to highlight challenges and opportunities in overcoming the barriers to advancing the sexual and reproductive health and rights of sexual and gender diverse people, including LGBTIQ+ people. The purpose is to share knowledge and to inspire change and action on the ground.

The event starts with three brief conversations between health experts and activists. Then the moderator will open up for a live online Q&A session featuring the three activists. The full event is online only.

The three conversations features:

  1. Tim Sladden (UNFPA) and Bisi Alimi (ED Bisi Alimi Foundation) having a conversation on including and defining all gender diverse people in different contexts.
  2. Kate Gilmore (IPPF board of trustees) and Neish McLean (IPPF Governance Committee) having a conversation on overcoming norms and stigmatizing of LGBTI people.
  3. Mikaela Hildebrand (Sida, Sweden) and Preethi Sundaram (Sex og Samfund) having a conversation focusing on how politics, laws & implementation can promote safe health services.

Moderator is Tor-Hugne Olsen, Executive Director Sex og Politikk

The event is online and registration at the World Pride 2021 website is needed. Please register her.

The full programme for the Human Rights Conference can be found at the World Pride 2021 website.