Oslo Pride: International reform for sexual orientation, gender identity and expression

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17:30 - 19:00

Mariboes gate 8 Oslo

Vi arrangerer samtale om seksuell orientering, kjønnsidentitet og kjønnsuttrykk verden over på Oslo Pride. Sett av datoen!

For the past three years, Sex og Politikk, IPPF Norway, has been leading a centre to
strengthen the work on sexual orientation, gender identity and expression within
International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF). The centre has worked closely with
IPPF Member Associations in 11 countries to change policies and laws. Looking back, we see
a magnitude of ways and efforts contributing to change and human rights for all. This
seminar will show examples from three countries, North Macedonia, Sri Lanka and
Indonesia, and discuss the roles of schools in preventing violence and discrimination.


Film screening: Emak Menolak, by IPPF Indonesia, directed by Angun Pradesha

Short-film showcasing prejudices towards trans-people by portraying the close
relationship between a mother and her trans daughter.



Kjersti Augland, Deputy Director, Sex og Politikk

International solidarity in practice

How can the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), a global leader on SRHR,
become an activist for the rights of LGBTI people?
Tor-Hugne Olsen, Executive Director, Sex og Politikk

Two ways of working in IPPF

1. Violence against LGBTI people in schools – North Macedonia and Norway

Meri Chetkovska, Project Coordinator, HERA (IPPF North Macedonia) presenting findings
from their study on violence in schools in North Macedonia.

Panel discussion

Meri Chetkovska, Project Coordinator Youth, HERA (IPPF Norway)

Jane-Victorius Bonsaksen, policital vice president elect Queer Youth, Norway

Adele Straumsnes, board member SNU

Tor-Hugne Olsen, Executive Director, Sex og Politikk

2. Film screening:

“Breaking out from the shadows”, a film by Sri Lanka Familiy Planning Association made to
highlight local authorities on their obligations after the introduction of a third gender in Sri