Sex og Politikks forpliktelser til Generation Equality Forum

Sex og Politikk – IPPF Norway commits to the Action Coalition Bodily Autonomy and SRHR by:

  • Working to increase the number of schools using our comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) materials from today’s 42% to 66%, including increasing the access to material in Sami language (2025).
  • Reaching 2000 educators yearly with our CSE material about SRHR in the Sustainable Development Goals (2025).  
  • Supporting IPPF sister organisations in at least 12 countries that are fighting discriminatory laws based on sexual orientation, with the aim of getting at least 6 of them to have success in changing these laws (2025).
  • Being a bold advocate for access to safe and legal abortion and modern contraceptives, together with partner and member organizations (2026).
  • Increasing youth engagement, by supporting our youth organization SNU with establishing local chapters in at least five Norwegian counties (2026).
  • Reaching 100 000 people 60+ and medical personnel through the e-learning platform Uke66 (2023). 

Sex og Politikk – IPPF Norway work to ensure that all people have access to the full range of sexual and reproductive health and rights, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression, age, race, cultural background, religion, socioeconomic status, health or (dis)ability. We see sexuality as a positive aspect of life, and will contribute to a world where all people make free and informed choices related to all aspects of their sexuality and reproduction, without being discriminated against. 

With a mandate both in Norway and globally we value the need for joint efforts in achieving the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, the ICPD Programme of Action, the Sustainable Development Goals and human rights for all.