Contraceptive supplies financing: what role for donors? A guide for advocates

The latest report by the Countdown 2030 Europe consortium: Contraceptive supplies financing: what role for donors? A guide for advocates.

The report discusses the roles that donors currently play in support of contraceptive supplies financing in low- and middle-income countries, and provides some ideas and recommendations for further advocacy on the topic. It includes sections on the current context on supplies financing in low- and middle-income countries, current trends in donor finance, processes of supplies procurement and financing at global and country levels, including related donor-supported initiatives, and on modalities of donor support, with a focus on European donors. The recommendations are focused on achieving an impact in advocacy for increased donor finance; increasing efficiency to stretch donor funds further; improving sustainability and helping to reduce inequities. For transition countries, recommendations are focused on reducing procurement costs and supporting new domestic financing initiatives.

We are hoping that the report can be a useful resource for SRHR civil society and other advocates on the topic of contraceptive supplies at what is an important time for advocacy on the issue.

You can find the report here: