World Contraceptive Day 26 September

#idecide my contraception

I DECIDE: To plan my family / To use contraception / To protect my sexual and reproductive health

Focus: Leaving no one behind: Increasing equitable access to contraception for underserved populations (V2020 Goals 2 & 7)

Campaigns Goal: Governments commit to providing equal access to contraception / family planning for all women and girls whoever they are, wherever they live.


  1. An increase in positive policies and budgets for access to contraception / family planning
  2. Marginalised women and girls have a stronger voice around contraception / family planning
  3. IPPF is recognised as a leader in providing access to family planning / contraception for marginalised groups
  4. An increased number of activists mobilised to campaign for equal access to contraception / family planning

#idecide my contraception

Report «Under-served and Over-looked», IPPF

Rapport oversatt til norsk, Underprioritert og oversett